With Jarra being Arabic for “jar” or “jug,” it is easy to see how this hookah got its name! The Mya Jarra hookah stands at 10 inches tall (fully assembled) and boasts several unique features! A small, compact hookah that is perfect for traveling, this piece rests atop a glass base that is shaped somewhat like a coffee mug, handle included! The built in handle on the base makes it easy for you to carry or transport your hookah without having to worry about any slips or unexpected fitting issues between your base and stem that might cause damage.

Sitting atop that unique glass base is a modern designed stem that features a stainless steel downstem that is resistant to flavor “ghosting” or corrosion, with proper maintenance. The downstem also has a built in diffuser to help give you the smoothest session possible.

A matte black “hub” or “heart” gives this hookah a clean, modern look, but it’s not just for show! An included coal carrier attaches to that “hub” making it so you can carry, store, and ash your coals all in one!

Perfect for all you traveling hookah smokers, the Mya Jarra is truly one of the more unique small hookahs that we’ve come across.

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