1- Joker Hookah

Joker Hookah – compact and collapsible hookah at affordable price, made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. 

* This Model is made in China *

Art in the flesh.
A premium hookah that stands out for its great details and asymmetrical design.

A perfectly matched palette emphasizes his personality.

    2- Moon Russian Phunnel Bowl / Oblako Russian Phunnel Bowl

    Moon bowls manufactured in Russia are new on the market with talk of being created by the same people involved in Oblako bowls. The clay composition and glazes certainly indicate there is an influence.

    Please leave a the note in the Checkout section of which bowl you want! If not we will match it for you :)
    Learn More about Oblako Bowls / Moon Bowls

    3- CocoUrth Organic Coconut Hookah Charcoal - 72 pieces - Cube (25mmx25x25)

    CocoUrth Coals have joined a competitive class of coconut coals. The coals are crafted with the use of organic materials with amazing quality, clean cut edges all around, longevity and solid heat output.

    4- CocoUrth Heavy Duty Roll Foil

    Tired of using your house foil? CocoUrth fixed the problem by providing a heavy duty foil. These foils are so heavy duty, you only need to use one. With every 6″ perforation, you do not need to use scissors, it is a perfect cut every time! No more double foiling, no more messy cuts!

    5- Reverse Hookah Personnel Mouth Tip With Lanyard
    6- Hookah Silicone Hose - Soft-Touch - 1.5m
    7- Hookah Spring for your silicone Hose
    8- Hookah Tong