Introducing the newest and healthiest tobacco shisha alternative. KARIZMA herbal molasses are the closest to the real thing, and are made to completely revolutionize the way you’ve know hookah shisha. KARIZMA shisha alternatives are made from 100% plant leaves and contain 0% tobacco, 0% tar, and 0% nicotine making them a safer and healthier way to enjoy your hookah smoking sessions.

Smoking sessions with these herbal molasse guarantee a truly majestic hookah experience. They last longer compared to tobacco shisha, and still produce the same thick smoke clouds that you love, without all the downsides of tobacco. They are available in different flavors, meaning you are assured of finding a flavor you are going to love.

KARIZMA is produced by Everest Tobacco Factory in Amman, Jordan. The factory has been a family business since 1989, producing the highest quality tobacco alternatives such as KARIZMA. Everest is behind many successful flavors available in the market. Everest has a team of scientists and chemists who conduct research on naturally grown leaves and natural plant glycerin around the world to come up with the perfect mix that will allow you to enjoy a smoking healthy hookah session while feeling the "buzz". Give KARIZMA a chance and you will enjoy a healthy hookah for many years to come.  

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