The MOB Hookah Cloud King Supreme is dressed to the 9’s and will become the best hookah in your collection in no time! The MOB Hookah Cloud King Supreme stands at a whopping height of 31”, leaving all power and glory to you and your future seshes. This hefty hookah is equipped with a wide, frosted tempered glass base autographed with a Supreme branded logo! The Cloud King Supreme features a broad, lengthy stainless steel diffused downstem to ensure all seshes are luxurious and soothing to the ears and throat. The Cloud King Supreme is furnished with a singular hose port, but it’s no doubt you’ll want to share the glory that comes with this hookah with the homies. This hookah features an external purge valve so you can waste out old smoke while keeping a great sesh in tune! The MOB Hookah Cloud King Supreme takes the cake as a hookah fit for royalty, and it goes without saying that this hookah is definitely a must-have. 


MOB Hookah Cloud King Supreme Features

  • Crown yourself as the hookah king with this amazing hookah by your side!
  • Wide, frosted tempered glass base
  • Lengthy, broad stainless steel diffused downstem
  • Sleek stem outfitted with solid colors and a smooth grip
  • Single hose port
  • External purge valve
  • Supreme branded logo

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