This Hookah Cleaning Kit is a must-have for all hookah enthusiasts who value a clean and well-maintained hookah. Made with durable materials, this kit is built to last and will serve you for many hookah sessions to come. So, why wait? Order your Hookah Cleaning Kit today and take the first step towards a better hookah experience!

This Cleaning kit includes a stem cleaning brush, a base cleaning brush, a port/purge valve cleaning brush, and a pack of stainless steel base cleaning balls. The stem cleaning brush is made with high-quality bristles that effectively remove any residue from the stem, ensuring a smooth draw every time. The base cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning the inside of the base and reaching hard-to-reach areas. The port/purge valve cleaning brush is specifically designed to clean the port and purge valve, keeping your hookah functioning optimally. The pack of stainless steel base cleaning balls helps to thoroughly clean the base and maintain its shine.

1x Stem cleaning brush 
1x Base cleaning brush
1x Port / Purge Valve cleaning brush
1x Pack of stainless steel base cleaning balls

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