Silicone Hookah Bowl - Phunnel.

This Shisha bowl is the perfect alternative to your current clay or ceramic bowls.

-Your previous bowl was beautiful, but if it fall downs, it break very easy ?
-Do you not like the "sweat" that clay bowls get that causes the tobacco to lose its moisture and flavor?
Terrifying moments where your favorite bowl falls to the ground and break can be avoided with this unbreakable silicone bowl.

This Spiral All Silicone Hookah Head with silicone body belongs to the latest silicone products trend. Spiral means smooth flow is shape science. No need for grommet. This type of bowl is manufactured of unbreakable silicone that will deliver the best hookah smoking experience

Reasons why this bowl is truly amazing:

-The Phunnel style ensures maximum flavor for shishas for long time
-No need for a grommet
-Can be used with regular foil
-Holds up to 30g of shisha
-Perfect for use with wet tobaccos
-The silicone design allows the shisha to heat up twice as fast as with other bowls.

Tips : To experience a perfect smoking, before you put the tobacco into the bowl. Pls wash it in running water or put it in hot water to wash it .

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